Transition Age Youth

The Transition Age Youth (TAY) program serves current and former foster youth age 15-24 with a range of services to assist youth in making a healthy transition to adulthood.  Programs include counseling, skill-building, a drop-in center and subsidized supportive housing.  TAY programs include:

  • The Independent Living Program (ILP) serves current and former foster and probation placement youth age 15-21.  It assists youth to develop independent living skills to successfully transition to self-sufficiency and includes services such as one-on-one counseling, assistance in obtaining ID cards, driving permits and licenses and workshops on topics that assist youth in achieving personal, education and vocational goals. 
  • The Transitional Housing Program is a supportive housing program for former non-minor dependents and foster youth between the ages 18-24.  Youth are supported with financial assistance, educational expenses, emotional support, life skills coaching, and referral to community resources to help them achieve the financial stability necessary to succeed in independent living. 

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To apply for TAY services, call (831) 226-3536.