What information do I need to apply?

The checklist provided here is not meant to be a complete list of documents, but rather a general idea of the information you should bring with you to your interview.

There may be additional facts or verifications needed to ensure that all the rules are met. The eligibility worker will give you time to provide this documentation. If necessary, assistance in obtaining verifications may be provided.

Required Documents

  • Current statements of all bank accounts and trust funds and IRA's
  • Identification (Driver's License or ID Card)
  • Immunization records for children under 6
  • Social Security Card or Verification that you have applied for Social Security
  • Current DMV vehicle registrations for all vehicles you own
  • Verification of the balance owed on each vehicle.
  • Home ownership documents, as long as the applicant is buying it and living in it.
  • Proof of wages, Social Security, or any other income
  • Proof of citizenship for all family members applying for aid


Statements are considered proof that countable property is below the $2,250 limit. For a family member applying for aid, over the age of 60 years the limit is $3,250. Bank statements include checking, savings, trust fund accounts and IRA's.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration for all cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, motor homes or boats.

Your Home

Your home will not be counted if the family applying for aid is buying it and living in the home.

Income Limits

Income Limits are set by federal law for the family size. You will be informed by your worker as to what documentation is needed. More information about income limits is available on the CalWORKs Fact Sheet (PDF).

Proof of Citizenship

Proof of Citizenship can be provided via birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport, or other government documents. If you do not have proof of citizenship, more time can be allowed to provide proof after aid has been approved.