CORE Investments

In 2015, the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors (BoS) and Santa Cruz City Council (Council) approved a results-based collective impact model named the Collective of Results and Evidence-based (CORE) Investments. CORE is a funding model and a movement to achieve equitable health and well-being in Santa Cruz County. In fiscal year 2022, the BOS and Council awarded approximately $5.9 million in contracts to 41 agencies representing 57 programs that address community needs across the CORE Conditions for Health and Wellbeing.

CORE Investments Timeline

To see a larger image of the County Board of Supervisors approved CORE Investments Timeline, CLICK HERE or click the image above.

CORE RFP Community Engagement Survey

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Please take the CORE RFP Community Engagement Survey in English, or the Preguntas de Participación Comunitaria para la Solicitud para Propuestas de CORE en Espanol.

Survey participants are strongly encouraged to engage in a community session in October, to enhance our community dialogue. When answering the survey questions, please use a community and equity lens and ask yourself who will benefit and who is least likely to benefit from the decisions to be made.

CORE Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-2025

CORE FY 2022-2023 Program Reporting

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CORE RFP Community Engagement Sessions 2023

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