General Assistance

Am I Eligible?

Santa Cruz County residents 18 years or older may qualify, depending on income, resources, and other eligibility factors.  Homeless individuals may also be eligible.

Eligibility Basics

Eligibility is determined by:

  • US Citizenship or lawful non-citizenship
  • Must have a California Drivers License or Identification card
  • Must be a resident of Santa Cruz County for a minimum of 15 days
  • Household and living arrangement
  • Income, asset, resources, and property
  • Student status

Household and Living Arrangement

For General Assistance eligibility, a household is a family unit living together and sharing resources and expenses.  All members of your household must apply for and be eligible in order for you to receive General Assistance.

College Students

College students who are able to work (not disabled) are not eligible for General Assistance benefits.