IHSS Public Authority

When are timesheets due? 

Timesheets are due at the end of each payperiod, on the 1st and 16th of the month.  The timesheets should not be submitted early.

Where do I send my timesheet? 

Mail your timesheet to Chico, CA, in the envelope that came enclosed with your timesheet.  If you need a replacement envelope call IHSS Fiscal at (831) 454-7315 to request a new one or mail to the address listed on the back of your timesheet.   One timesheet per envelope is preferred.   Mailing multiple timesheets in one envelope is permitted but may result in a delay in processing your timesheets.

For counties other than Santa Cruz, please go to http://www.cdss.ca.gov/inforesources/County-IHSS-Offices to contact your county.

How and when is my timesheet signed?

Timesheets must be signed by both the care provider and the recipient on or after the last working day of the pay period once the hours worked have been entered on the timesheet.

What other information should I know?

  • Do not sign a blank timesheet.
  • Use only black ink when filling out the timesheet
  • Only claim hours you worked on the days that you worked.
  • Only write one (1) number per box.
  • Write down the time worked in hours and minutes format.
  • Do not forget signatures go on the back of the timesheet, if the IHSS client is not available for signature do not mail timesheet.  Contact IHSS Social Worker for assistance.
  • If you make a mistake when filling out your timesheet, call Fiscal at (831) 454-7315 to request a replacement timesheet.  Timesheets with corrections will be returned to you delaying your pay.
  • Do not forget to tear off your pay stub before mailing timesheet.
  • Place a postage on each timesheet envelope.
  • See the timesheet training page for more information.