Our Services

Adult & Long Term Care

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We protect and care for the disabled and elderly.

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Employment & Benefits

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We provide services and benefits to low-income adults and families.

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Family & Children

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We protect children from abuse and neglect to keep them safely at home.

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Foster Care & Adoptions

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We work with families who want to foster and/or adopt children in need of a safe home.

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IHSS Public Authority

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We work with caregivers who provide in-home supportive services (IHSS) as part of the IHSS registry.

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Veterans Services

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We assist veterans, military retirees, and their families in obtaining benefits earned by military service.

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Workforce SCC

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A local partnership that serves job seekers and businesses.

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May is CalFresh Awareness Month!

CalFresh is a nutritional supplement for individuals and families across Santa Cruz County that helps reduce hunger and poverty and is part of a pathway of health and well-being for Santa Cruz County’s youngest and most vulnerable adult citizens.

CalFresh outreach is available throughout the month of May in various locations throughout the county CalFresh Awareness month is an opportunity for the Human Services Department to expand awareness of CalFresh, provide information about eligibility for CalFresh, and to support community health.

2019 Board of Supervisors Proclamation CalFresh Awareness Month of May (PDF, 555 KB)

2019 May CalFresh Outreach Calendar of Events (PDF, 294 KB)

June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month!

June is Elder Abuse Awareness month and June 15th is World Elder abuse Awareness Day.

It is estimated that only one in twenty-four elder abuse cases are reported. Our elderly population has greatly influenced and shaped today’s world yet are often vulnerable to abuse and neglect and may be unable to prevent, seek protection from, or report criminal elder abuse.

Santa Cruz County is a leader in assisting our vulnerable elderly citizens through education, advocacy, and collaboration on abuse issues. As a community, we strive to provide a safety net to keep our elderly citizens safe from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

2019 Board of Supervisors Proclamation Elder Abuse Awareness Month of June (PDF, 511 KB)



Smart Path

Smart Path

 Check out our Spring 2019 Smart Path Newsletter

Smart Path to Housing and Health is a project of the local Continuum of Care and the Homeless Action Partnership. As Santa Cruz County’s coordinated entry system, Smart Path streamlines access to housing assistance and services for all people experiencing homelessness. Individuals and families will complete uniform assessments at a variety of easy to access locations throughout the county for housing assistance.

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Immigration and DACA Resources

Know Your Rights

Find answers to your questions about public benefits, immigration, and DACA resources.

Scam Alerts

EBT on Facebook

Please do not call EBT phone numbers posted on Facebook. Read about EBT alert.

SNAP phone calls

Please do not respond to calls from SNAP toll free information hotline number: 1-800-221-5689. This number is not affiliated with FNS or SNAP.