In-Home Supportive Services

Recipient FAQ

What is a share of cost?

A share of cost is a dollar amount the recipient is responsible to pay to the provider.  IHSS recipients who have a share of cost should not pay their IHSS provider any monies until they have received a letter from the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) instructing them to pay.

If a recipient has other Medi-Cal vendors earlier in the month, they may have encumbered the share of cost elsewhere. Once a letter is received from CDSS and it has an amount the recipient is responsible for paying the provider for services.  Letters are sent to both the recipient and provider following each IHSS pay period (twice a month).

What are authorized services?

Each IHSS recipient receives verification of the specific services and frequency of those services that they are authorized to receive and the State will only pay for authorized services and hours. Authorized Services may include:

  • Domestic Services (housecleaning, shopping, cooking and laundry)
  • Accompaniment to a medical appointment
  • Personal Care (dressing, bathing, toileting)
  • Paramedical Services (help with injections, colostomy and catheter care, etc., under the direction of licensed medical personnel)

What will the IHSS Social Worker do?

The responsibilities and duties of the IHSS Social Worker include the following:

  • Determines functional eligibility through assessments
  • Authorizes and terminates services
  • Determines types and hours of services to authorize

When should I contact an IHSS Social Worker?

You are responsible for calling your IHSS Social Worker immediately when:

  • You are hospitalized and/or return from a hospitalization
  • Have a significant change in your needs for in-home care
  • You hire or fire an provider
  • You will be temporarily out of your home
  • There is a change in your home (someone moves in with you, someone leaves your home or you move)