IHSS Public Authority Provider Registry

The IHSS Public Authority registry is but one avenue for IHSS recipients to find an IHSS provider that has completed the provider enrollment process. The registry is operated by the Public Authority and serves Santa Cruz County's IHSS recipients. The registry maintains a database of experienced care providers who have been screened, interviewed and passed reference checks.

The registry does not guarantee employment. IHSS recipients are encouraged to interview providers and conduct their own reference checks.

Note: The recipient is the employer – not the registry. IHSS recipients are responsible for interviewing, hiring and supervising the provider they chose.

Registry Staff

A Public Authority Social Worker will:

  • Interview providers interested in being part of the registry.
  • Determine whether the provider applicant meets the registry requirements.
  • Gather information about the needs and preferences of both recipients and registry providers.
  • Uses computer matching to create specialized referral lists for each individual recipient.
  • Mediate between recipients and providers to resolve conflicts.

IHSS Recipients

IHSS recipients or their authorized representative can call the Public Authority directly at (831) 454-4036 to request a list of potential providers. A Public Authority Social Worker will contact the recipient to find out about your specific needs and preferences (location, language, work schedule and other in-home care needs). A list of potential providers that best match the needs of the IHSS recipient will be send to the recipient or their authorized representative.

IHSS Providers

Once an individual is enrolled as an IHSS provider, additional steps are necessary to be on the IHSS Public Authority Registry. To be part of the registry, an IHSS Provider Registry Application must be completed and submitted with professional references. Prospective registry providers are encouraged to view the Registry Application page for important information regarding the registry application process.

To request an application, please call the Public Authority at (831) 454-4036 and we will mail one to you.