Rapid Response Layoff Services

Due to the gathering restrictions set in place from the COVID-19 crisis, we have posted below the Rapid Response to Re-employment presentations (English and Spanish versions) so that employers still have easy access to Rapid Response materials

Employers can access a variety of services specifically designed to ease the stressful transition for employees. Our Rapid Response team will come to your employment site and provide:

  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits information
  • Resume, interview, and job search assistance
  • Outplacement and transition services
  • Vocational and skill assessments
  • Labor market information (LMI)

When closure and layoffs cannot be avoided, access to information on job training, skill upgrade services, and existing job opportunities can reduce the time on unemployment insurance and get people back to work more quickly.

Contact Us

If you have information on businesses at risk of closing or of recent closures, contact us today at (831) 763-8872 or by e-mail at businessrep@workforcescc.com