Provider Enrollment Process

All IHSS providers must complete the provider enrollment process noted below and pass a background check before they are eligible to be paid by the IHSS program.

To start the enrollment process:

  1. Go to the IHSS Independent Provider Enrollment Center for Santa Cruz County website.
    1. Use the “Start” button to complete the Provider Information section.
    2. Use the “Watch the Orientation Videos” button and watch the six mandatory provider videos.
    3. Once all six videos have been viewed, use the “Make an Appointment to Sign the Required Documents” button to schedule your individual Enrollment Appointment.
    4. It is highly recommended to view the Enrollment Appointment page for a list of required documents.
  2. Attend the individual Enrollment Appointment to:
    1. Review and sign the required enrollment paperwork.
    2. Submit original Social Security Card and Identification documents.
    3. Obtain the Live Scan form (required to complete the background check).
    4. Sign up for the mandatory Provider Group Orientation.
  3. Attend the mandatory Provider Group Orientation.
  4. Submit fingerprint images at a local Live Scan location (there is a required fee).
    1. Reduced cost Live Scan service is available through the County of Santa Cruz.  Inquire at the Enrollment Appointment; or
    2. Find a location by visiting the State Attorney General website.

Once the Public Authority has confirmed that steps 1-4 above have been completed and has received your Live Scan results, a letter will be sent to you regarding your eligibility as an IHSS provider.

If you have any questions regarding the Provider Enrollment Process or your status as a provider, please call the Public Authority at (831) 454-4036.