Saturday, December 16, 2017

How do I apply?

Referrals for IHSS can be made by calling our office at (831) 454-4101. Let the receptionist know that you would like to apply for In-Home Support Services.

Please note that once a referral is made the information becomes confidential and IHSS will not be able to provide updates on the status of referrals made on behalf of someone other than yourself.

Where To Apply

To apply for services call the Santa Cruz County IHSS program and ask to speak with a Social Worker. All services are bilingual.

  • Santa Cruz call (831) 454-4101
  • Watsonville call (831) 763-8800

Application Process Overview

  1. A referral for services is called in to the IHSS program at (831) 454-4101.
  2. Medi-Cal eligibility is confirmed by IHSS and a Medi-Cal application is provided as needed.
  3. An IHSS Social Worker conducts a home visit
  4. IHSS Social Worker reviews information obtained during a home visit, from medical professionals, and other agencies involved in your care (if necessary) to assess services needed and the hours necessary to maintain your independence.
  5. IHSS Social Worker sends you a notice of approval or denial
    1. If you are found eligible, the notice lists the tasks approved and monthly hours authorized
    2. If you are denied, the notice will indicate the reason(s).